ProPack 1200 Skincare

The 1200 Pack is ideal for those looking to fast track their Well Beyond business straight to Executive and Beyond with our ground-breaking Neurocosmetic™ product line! SAVE $495.00 off wholesale pricing or a 30% discount when you choose to build with the 1200 Pack! 1200 BV and 1500 QV. Personally Sponsor two promoters with the 1200 Pack in any commission period and earn $1,200 in DOUBLE FAST START BONUSES!

For a limited time, get your Promoter Kit for just $1 ($48 savings) when you select this pack! Get the products, the tools, and the business pack you need to succeed and go Well Beyond!

Here is what the pack contains:

  • $1 promoter kit
  • 12 Beyond Skincare sets
  • 2 FREE Sets!
  • Year Subscription Mobile App, available on the Apple Store and Google Play.
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